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Great website design is one that makes sure that the visitor can easily find the information he or she is looking for. This type of design should be pleasing visually, functioning properly and appealing to the visitors. The website should not only appeal the visitors but also appeal search engines so that the website is ranked on top of others. How challenging it is to satisfy both people and the search engines. The difficult concept in here comes up because both humans and the search engines have different needs. If you can incorporate the requirement of both parties in the website design, then you can rest assured that you will emerge successfully, especially in terms of multiple location marketing.


There are three categories of website designs. They include; static, dynamic and e-commerce. The type of website you require depends on the type of business you are operating as well as the requirements of the business owners. All these types of websites can be developed on different platforms. Static website design is ideal for those who require a few pages on the website with the information that is not meant to be changed. The information does not change in the period it is I use. Static website designs are usually developed in HTML and CSS. They are easy to create and be recorded by the search engines. Static websites are not good at finishing complex tasks. They also need to be updated manually which is tedious and time-wasting. You can get these from a good sacramento marketing company


Dynamic website design is in contrast to the static website design. It can give changing information as it automatically updates its information depending on some setup criteria. This website design is developed under content management platforms such as WordPress. The website is challenging to develop and cannot be easily indexed by search engines. WordPress is regarded as the most convenient and simplest platform that is used for free. With this content management platform, you can find a lot of plug-ins that can ensure that you create the website that you have always desired.


E-commerce websites are good for those who carry out online businesses to carry out market sales. You can find a whole lot of platforms from the internet. A good platform should let you manage the technical aspects of the website well. Be careful as you choose these e-commerce platforms as they determine how your website will function. Ensure you contact a website professional if you are not sure of how to go about it. Here are some web design trends you'll want to know about: